Golden Meanie

Goodie Bags 01 Sep 2016

I’ve had over a year with the Carsick Designs Goodie Bag and they’ve been super flexible. I’ve run them as bar bags together and solo as a seat bag. I’ve also tried strapping them onto other bags but with mixed results. I’ve attached them to my kids’ (belt) to give them a water bottle carrier.

Last year I picked them up right before Rasputitsa and that was their first big ride. Having the two smaller bags on the bars was nice for easy access without too much rummaging around. I knew what was in each bag and didn’t have to worry about stuff migrating around due to the rough roads. I did discover that the exterior mesh pockets were definitely better suited to lighter and bulkier things like food. I had tucked and clipped my folding knife in, but a particularly rough patch of potholes popped it right out (guy behind me rescued it).

Back home, the orange one has done a long stint as an under-seat bag for day to day use with a side of visibility enhancement!

During longer rides they’ve been great for holding a battery backup near my phone but out of the sun.

The X-Pac VX21 looks sharp and has weathered sun, mud, and winter road salt amazingly well. Recommended!