Golden Meanie

Neologism! 30 Sep 2007

I love collective nouns — a mob of kangaroos, a pod of whales, or a murder of crows.

We live on a tiny corner lot with no yard at all. The only green space we have is between the sidewalk and the street. I’d rather not mow grass that I can’t run around on with the boys, and I sure as hell don’t need to deal with fertilizer, sprinklers, and grubs. So a few years ago I started pulling grass up and replacing it with (mostly) perennial flowers. The project has spanned about five years and has been punctuated by bouts of extreme neglect, much to the chagrin of our neighbors I’m sure. Well, we’re closing in on on the end and it’s starting to look pretty good but there are a couple hold out patches of weeds that look pretty meadow like.

My wife recently named our shame and coined a new collective noun: A Humiliation of Weeds!

Go forth and multiply!